What Types Of Windows Do You Install?

What Types Of Windows Do You Install

A: The Window Source of Houston offers 100% vinyl windows as well as thermally broken aluminum frame windows. Replacement windows in Houston can be found with a simple Google search where you’ll turn up at least a dozen window companies. Now, not all window companies are alike, nor are their windows. You have to do […]

What If Your Window Doesn’t Stay Up?

double hung windows won't stay up

A: You probably have a problem with your balancer and should seek professional help to get it fixed. You can call The Window Source of Houston and we help solve that problem for you. Whether you have original or replacement windows in Houston, sometimes things get out of adjustment. Double hung windows are one of […]

What If Your Window Doesn’t Lock?

What if your window doesn't lock

A: There are a few reasons that this might happen. The most obvious is that the locking mechanism no longer functions. There might be a broken part inside, especially in the case of aluminum windows—those lines can break over time. Other reasons might be that it was just installed improperly. Also sometimes, if houses shift […]

What Are The Best Windows To Put In Your House?

What Are The Best Windows To Put In Your House

A: Really, only the homeowner can answer this question. It really depends on the priorities of the homeowner, be it aesthetics, security, or energy efficiency. The only way to know for sure what’s best is to get in touch with The Window Source to guide you through it. If your windows are way past their […]

What Are Single-Hung Windows?

What Are Single-Hung Windows

A: They are windows that open vertically. In this case, only the bottom sash will operate—it will slide up and the top sash is stationary. When it comes to choosing a style for replacement windows you have a lot of options to go with. However, one of the two most common options are double-hung and […]