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Why wait until you have a dire need for new windows when you can add value, comfort, and save money now?
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Many people make improvements to their homes while they own them. Kitchen remodels, adding a covered deck, expanding a bathroom, and sometimes even adding an entire addition. To be honest one of the home improvements to your home that gives the most return on your investment is often overlooked.

You might be surprised to know that it’s a home improvement project that often isn’t thought of until there’s an emergency need for it.

That’s right we’re talking about replacement windows. When most people Google “replacement windows near me,” they are usually searching because a window has been broken. However, your windows could be needing replacement well before an accident like that happens.

While most people when considering a home improvement project don’t have replacement windows at the top of their list, they should. If you have trouble with windows collecting condensation, sticking when you try to open or close them, or the frames cracking—you have a problem.

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In fact, you should be that homeowner searching for, “replacement windows near me,” because your windows need to be replaced.

Many people don’t stop to consider the major benefits of new windows and how much they improve a home. In fact, just take a look at one of our client’s testimonials once they got their new windows installed and saw the difference.

“I Found The Perfect Installer For Replacement Windows Near Me”

“I would’ve never thought of getting new windows on our new home we had just built 6 years before. After, all the home wasn’t even built that long ago and it was from a well-known and respected builder. We kept noticing cold drafts coming from the windows every winter and that the heat would kick on A LOT.

We just assumed it must be normal but then we started noticing drafts got more intense. We also had condensation building up on the inside of our windows. That’s when I knew something was off. I searched for replacement windows near me and after a few high quotes, we found The Window Source of Houston.

We clicked on the link, called them, and it was PERFECT. Our salesperson was very patient and didn’t mind that we weren’t even committed to buying yet. We just wanted to know what was wrong

They broke it down in detail—in a nutshell, we were told that unless you pay for a premium upgrade when the home is being built, builders use the cheapest windows. They only have one pane of glass and aren’t very efficient. So, long story short—they quoted us a very affordable price for double pane windows that open from the top and bottom! So, not only did we get upgraded with more efficient windows, but they’re easy to clean too!

They even offered a very easy payment plan that we could pay off in less than two years with no interest. That sealed the deal for us. These new windows reduced our electric bill, eliminated drafts, and even block out external noise better.

Thank you, Window Source for being so patient and helpful!”

– Kathryn G. — Spring, TX

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Replacement Windows Are The Perfect Home Improvement Project

Maybe you don’t have the same situation as Kathryn. Maybe your windows aren’t drafty, or garnering condensation. However, if your windows are single pane, over 20 years old, or were never installed properly—be aware. You could be looking at a problem down the road, and no one wants to make a major investment decision under pressure. You don’t want to be searching for “replacement windows near me” on the verge of storm season.

That’s why you should consider replacing old or inefficient windows well in advance. It gives you proper time to consider all your options and not rush into anything. Plus, installing energy-efficient replacement windows in your home offers many benefits.

Replacement Windows Save You Money

Are windows a significant investment? Sure they are, but what home improvement worth investing in isn’t? The way you should be looking at it is, will it add value to my life or save me money. The answer is yes on both counts, but we’ll get to the added value in a second.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can replacement windows save me money? Well, the answer won’t be obvious to you at first. But once you get a few utility bills, you’ll notice it right away.

When you start seeing the cost of electricity shrink, you will be a believer. Not only that but there are many tax deductions available for increasing the energy efficiency of your home. When you have old, single-pane windows you are losing up to 30% of your home’s heat. That’s money flying out of the window.

When you call the Window Source Of Houston, you’re on your way to windows that are designed to keep heat out in the summer, and heat in during the winter. The quality windows we install can lower the demand on your HVAC system by upwards of 27%. Do the math—you’ll see major savings.

Our Windows Add Value To Your Home

Replace your windows now and you could easily sell your home the next day and recover most, if not all of your investment. That is a major return on investment you rarely find if you play the markets. Any investor would tell you that is a sound investment for the future. Not to mention they make your home look beautiful. People often overlook the impact that curb appeal has on a home’s value, it can often make or break a deal on your home.

If you install some of our windows with multiple locks, depending on your carrier, it might lower your insurance rate as well. The financial benefits are abundant, we’re only scratching the surface here.

Replacement Windows Make Your Home More Comfortable

Your home is your sanctuary; it’s where you go to take refuge from the daily rat race. You want your home to be comfortable, not drafty or hot. Not only do replacement windows keep your climate comfortable but they also filter harmful UV rays. Natural light is a great source of Vitamin D and you get plenty of that with our windows but without those harmful UV rays.

Your physical well-being is dependent on you being able to rest and recoup in your home. When you have us install new windows, you’re giving yourself added comfort.

Don’t Wait Until New Windows Are An Emergency Need

Why wait until you have a dire need for new windows when you can add value, comfort, and save money now? Invest in energy-efficient replacement windows today!

There’s no need to Google “replacement windows near me.” You’ve already found the best window company In Houston. Contact The Window Source today! We’ll come out and give you a free estimate to install our quality windows in your home.

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