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How Long Does It Take To Install A Window?

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A: On average, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes to install one window. However, from start to finish—we can complete an entire home installation in approximately one day.

Installing new windows in Houston can be a stressful ordeal if you don’t hire the right company. If you hire an inexperienced or shady window company in Houston your problems can be costly ones. As Adrianna highlighted, an experienced window installer putting in your typical replacement window shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes.

That includes removing your old window, the old sealant, and any debris and then installing the new window along with a new seal. It’s a quick and simple installation for the most commonly installed types such as casement windows or double-hung.

Of course, larger window types such as bay windows or custom-shaped windows and sizes will require more time. Now, if you had just one installer doing let’s say 16 windows in your house, that means it would take at least two days to complete. However, since The Windows Source of Houston utilizes a full team to do a household install, we are typically done in one day.

Expedient & Effective Installation of Windows In Houston

Just because we’re done in a single day doesn’t mean you’re getting substandard installs, quite the opposite. We utilize a large team to install windows in Houston homes to ensure each window gets exceptional installation.

Our focus when performing an install is always on getting the small details right every time. Our installs are “white glove” which means we enter and exit your property without leaving a trace of our presence. Our team diligently cleans their work area, wears booties over our shoes when entering your home, and your windows look crystal clear.

So, what goes into installing new windows in Houston? Why does it take up to 45 mins for each window? Well, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes and it’s exactly why we work with a full install team. Some of the work is done during the initial visit when we evaluate your home to give you a quote. However, the rest of the work takes place once we have the windows at your home and ready to install.

There’s a lot of measuring, double and triple-checking to ensure the custom windows are indeed the right dimensions. Additionally, we have to clear a work path and remove the old window and seal before we can install the new one. After installing new windows in Houston, they must be sealed and trim must be replaced.

If this was left up to a single installer, it could take two days or longer to accomplish all of this. That is why we take a team approach and make as little impact on your day as possible.

How You Can Make Install Day More Efficient

Yes, we are being repetitive a bit here, but we can’t stress this enough. Choosing a reputable company for new windows in Houston is crucial. When you work with a reputable company such as The Window Source of Houston, the whole process is pretty easy.

However, working with just the cheapest or gimmicky window company in Houston can lead to an exhausting process. Not to mention, if their installers don’t focus on getting details right or are inexperienced, you’re dealing with a whole new set of potential problems.

So, that being said, even when hiring an efficient and skilled window company, some prep makes things smoother. These simple tasks will ensure your installation takes as little time as possible, while still getting quality work done.

Prepping For Installation Of New Windows In Houston

If you want your window installation to go as quick and smooth as possible, some prep work is in order. Almost everything on this list is simple and quick but it makes all the difference on installation day.

Deactivate Security System

If you have a security system with window sensors make sure you deactivate your alarm system. Additionally, remove your window sensors so they won’t get damaged and can be reinstalled on your new windows.

Create A Clear Work Path

When the installers have a clear work area without any obstructions it makes installs that much faster. Remove mini blinds and other window treatments. Also, remove any fragile home décor or anything else that might slow installation down.

Protect Furniture

While we do our best to not make any mess, and we always leave the job site spotless, dust happens. Cover your furniture with sheets or plastic drop cloths to protect it from any dust. Also, move furniture near windows to the center of the room.

Cut Back Your Landscaping

If you have hedges, shrubs, or other landscape that encroach on the work area near your windows, cut it back. This will give installers enough room to work efficiently and protect the new windows during the install.

Make Sure Pets And Kids Are Away From Work Site

We strive for the safest installation for all windows in Houston. It is critical that children or pets are not allowed in the work area. This is for their safety as well as our workers.

If you follow this prep guide and you’re dealing with a reputable window company it should be an easy day. You’ll be able to start reaping the many benefits of energy-efficient replacement windows.

The Benefits Of Your New Windows

When you get new windows in Houston, it does more than just fix any mechanical issues you had with your old windows. The benefits begin at installation since they are easy to install and don’t need much maintenance at all. However, there are other important benefits many people overlook or aren’t aware of.

You can expect to enjoy the thermal benefits of new windows right away. Your home’s insulation against the climate outside gets an instant boost. In the hot Texas summers, your home’s cool air stays in and the hot air outside stays—OUTSIDE. During the mild winters here, you can enjoy the warmth of your home without cold drafts from leaky windows.

Our windows are at least double-paned or better depending on what options you choose. This not only seals in the home, keeping conditioned air from leaking out but also dampens noise. This can come in very handy if your home is in an urban area or a noisy part of the suburbs.

Lastly, the Low-E coating on our windowpanes helps to greatly mitigate heat transfer from the sun hitting the glass. On any given hot Texas day in the summer, this feature alone is a lifesaver.

Can Your Home Value Use A Boost?

While the thermal insulation benefits and noise reduction are fairly known, there is one most people forget. The value of your home immediately gets a boost when you install new windows in Houston.

New energy-efficient windows are a bonus for homebuyers because they reap the benefits of lower energy costs. Naturally, your home’s value is still impacted by the overall condition, external market forces, and its size. But the addition of windows is a great way to boost the value and curb appeal.

Looking To Add New Windows In Houston?

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