Who We Are

Started by David Mallette, a veteran who served his country in the Marines, The Window Source of Houston was an expansion of his footprint in the Houston window industry. For nearly thirty years, David’s first business, a commercial glass and glazing company, has enjoyed a reputation for being one of the best in the industry. They have completed multitudes of multimillion-dollar commercial projects for corporate and municipal clients.

After seeing a need in Houston for affordable and reliable residential services such as replacement windows and doors, siding, and gutters—David felt called to act and expanded into the residential side by opening The Window Source of Houston.

Doing Business By A Familiar Code

David served four years in the Marines working in landing support logistics, a position that would unknowingly allow him to develop the skills he would need for both of his business endeavors. He also learned a way of life in the Marines, following core values instilled in every recruit that they follow for the rest of their life.

“When you enlist in the Marines, you swear an oath to abide by the Marine Corps core values—Honor, Courage, & Commitment in every aspect of your life in and after your time. These values are part of the motivation behind the creation of The Window Source of Houston.” – David Mallette

Each one of these values describes the way our company operates within our community and it’s what sets us apart from other window companies that have their bottom line at heart, not your right to a fair deal. When you trust the Window Source of Houston with your business we guarantee that we operate based on:

We are completely transparent with you on everything from pricing to the quality of our windows. Each client is treated with dignity and respect and we operate with a level of integrity that builds trust, respect, and relationship with you. We hold ourselves accountable for every action we take.

In the Marines, courage is needed for battle and doing what’s right even when it’s dangerous. In our line of work, it’s the courage to finish a project the right way and not take shortcuts just to meet a deadline. Knowing that this level of courage is demanded of us motivates us to work smarter, try harder, and make the right critical decisions when a project is on the line— no matter the pressure, we step up and take ownership.

This is where the discipline that serving in the Marines instills, comes into play. Every one of our employees is expected to be dedicated to treating our customers with the respect they deserve. 

This applies to everything from customer service to installation and follow-ups. We hold our company to a higher standard to ensure that we are known for doing everything we say we can do, and then some.

These core values are what have propelled the extraordinary success of The Window Source of Houston. We’re proud to be veteran-owned and led and we always look out for our fellow servicemen and women.

Anyone actively serving in the military or anyone who has served gets a discount on their project big or small. It’s just one way we like to thank our veterans for the sacrifices they make for our country.

Houston Window Replacement Experts

At The Window Source of Houston, we specialize in installing energy efficient windows, interior and exterior doors, energy efficient insulated vinyl siding by Alside, and seamless 5” and 6” gutters. We’re dedicated to providing you with maximum quality products from leading manufactures, exceptional value and customer satisfaction.

Our specialists have been combing function, design, style, and cost-effective solutions to homeowners for years. Our professional window installers do beautiful work that is truly unparalleled, and each member of our team knows that your satisfaction means our reputation for delivering excellence continues.

Let Us Show You The Window Source Way

Contact us and let us show you that there are still window companies in Houston that are driven by doing what’s right and doing it well.

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